Massage is a natural human instinct to sooth and comfort, for self and others.

Touch, is human nature. It is a reflexive response to nurture and comfort both self and others.

Professional therapeutic massage and bodywork has earned its important role in healthy living, but that should not prevent anyone from learning some simple techniques to use at home. Think about the young athlete and dancers at home. With overuse and repetition, bodies of all ages feel aches and pains and can benefit greatly from massages. Maybe there’s a loved one who’s bed-ridden; there are compassionate touches to ease discomfort. Even your little wee baby, massage and the right touch and help her sleep better, digest better and provide special bonding time with the caregiver.

I see clients in all different levels of pain and tension. Many people can really prolong the therapeutic relief from my massages if they can just┬áreceive┬ásome work in between sessions. Let’s be honest, nobody has the time to come for a massage all the time!


General Massage Workshops

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