General Massage Workshops

General Massage Workshops

It is pretty safe to say that we all had times of needing a massage very badly. We are sore. We are beat up. And we cannot wait another day to get a massage. That’s when we ask the closest person to rub our shoulders, our back, etc. That could be a spouse, a child, or sometimes even our pet!!

In these casual workshops, I teach you, a non-therapist, effective and safe techniques to give a great massage at home. The goal is to show you how to give a massage without hurting yourself or wearing your hands out. Otherwise you’ll just be begging for a massage in return after only 5 minutes!

All workshops are hands-on. On average each person takes turn giving and receiving about 45 minutes of massage. Talk about a skill that keeps on giving! Make it a date with your loved ones, friends and family and have fun!


Barefoot Massage at Home

I walk on people for a living, literally! However, most of the techniques I use are too risky without over-head bars and extensive massage training. In this at home version, you will sit comfortably in a chair, a couch, or on the floor. With simple movements of your legs and feet, you can give a massage that feels so good that the receiver is bound to drool or fall asleep!

Excellent for those with family members who have super thick and dense muscles that hurt your hands and fingers during a back rub.