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I’ll never go anywhere else…   8/27/2012
Krista S. says: Over the course of 5 years, I’ve hopped from one massage therapist to the next. I’m happy to say I’m finally done hopping. My massage with Tzu was incredible. She is VERY talented and has extensive knowledge of the anatomy/physiology of the body. She tailored the massage to meet my needs perfectly- I’ve never felt better. I’ll definitely be returning and would recommend her to anyone.

Another great massage!   8/26/2012
Brenda B. says: I hadn’t seen Tzu for a couple months and really missed her wonderful touch. Love the new location too. I won’t be waiting so long for my next massage, which my neck and shoulders will appreciate!

Highly Recommended   7/22/2012
Steven A. says: My first massage, but it won’t be my last. It did wonders for my sore back.

Very nice!   7/16/2012
Bryanna M. says: Tzu was wonderful! Made me feel very comfortable at 35 weeks pregnant and super easy to talk to! Highly recommend!!

Tzuling is wonderful   7/6/2012
Kimberley B. says: I thouroughly was pleased with Tzuling she know what to do and does it so well, I left a little sore but the next day I was pleasantly feeling no pain. Thanks Tzuling I look forward to seeing you again.

The hands and feet of a master..   6/26/2012
Chris C. says: One day I Googled Back Pain Therapy and three days later I had the pleasure to experience the hands and feet of a master. Tzu is outstanding with the Ashiatsu technique. I have been telling all my friends and co-workers. Looking forward to my next visit!

Gifted & Skilled!   6/20/2012
Arielle C. says: I was impressed not only with the myriad techniques available, but especially with the vast knowledge Tzu has about the body and healing. My entire body felt much better after the massage, and the cupping helped my wrist injury heal completely, finally! A friend has gone to Tzu for years and recommended her, I gladly do so as well! I look forward to going back.

Amazing!   1/29/2012
Tiffany G. says: I loved the added pressure that Tzu achieves with using her feet!

Magic!  1/26/2012
Peggy J. says: For the 1st time in 6 mos. I have no pain in my shoulder. Tzu used a blend of massage therapy so I don’t know if it was the cupping or the Pillossage but it worked!! I will be back to work out more problem areas. -The absolute best!

Great experience!    1/25/2012
Kristi T. says: I have had massages from many people but I have to say Tzuling is the absolute best. She has a beautiful talent….I left feeling so at ease and the tension I constantly hold in my back/neck was gone. LOVED IT ALL! Will for sure be back. Thank you again, Tzuling!

Just Wonderful!   1/4/2012
Susan B. says: I have the best massages from Tzuling. My mother was in such pain she couldn’t move and Tzu was able to get her up and moving. She’s still feeling great~! I just had the cupping done and that was very interesting, really gave me great relief from some old injuries. I’ve been to many massage therapists, but the knowledge that Tzuling has about the body and what makes it feel better. Is what makes the difference of a good massage and a GREAT massage~!

Extremely relaxing!   1/1/2012
Teri H. says: If you want an excellent deep tissue massage, see Amy at Massage RX. I originally went to Amy over a year ago after a work related back injury. After a too long hiatus, this summer I decided to make her 90 minute deep tissue massage a regular part of my healthcare treatment for chronic back pain. Not only is each and every massage excellent, but I also get the added benefit of an accumulative effect. I have had many massages for back pain over the years. I used to wait until I was miserable and then the massage was miserably painful as well. It was not that way with Amy at all, even in the beginning, and when I was just seeing her occasionally. With Amy, I am actually able to relax and enjoy a massage that is physically beneficial as well. My pain has decreased, my flexibility increased, and I look forward to each massage.

The most different massage I have ever had!   12/15/2011
Mike C. says: I echo almost everything that SL S said – except that it was my wife wondering about the “hickeys!” I will definitely be back to see Tzu again!

So nice!   12/7/2011
SL S. says: I had a variety of different techniques used in my massage. Loved the Ashitsu (sp?) where Tzu walked on my back…and the cupping was wildly interesting. Although my husband wondered what vacuum cleaner gave me the hickeys.. but I can really feel the difference! I think I expected a little more out of the Thai foot massage but was still delighful! My problem areas were taken care of and great suggestions were offered for keeping my tension away! I will definetly be back!

Best. Massages. Ever!!!   11/28/2011
Jen K. says: I have seen Tzu on 4 or 5 occasions now, and have had the “BEST MASSAGE EVER” each time!! She is very intuitive and incorporates different methods to give you the best massage possible! I’m no stranger to massages, and this last time she incorporated Cupping into the massage for the first time. My lower back is feeling the best and loosest it has felt in ages! An appointment with Tzu is definitely a priority stop anytime I am in the Dayton area!!! 🙂

Best massage out there!   11/3/2011
Tina H. says: Tzu was professional and kind. Her technique is like no other I have experienced. It was the absolute best massage I have ever had. I also like the ability to schedule on line. Thanks Tzu!

Excellent Experience   10/15/2011
Linda F. says: Everything about the MassageRx experience was terrific from scheduling online to meeting with the massage therapist and going over my needs and expectations. There was nothing about this experience that I wasn’t completely impressed by! In fact, I booked another appointment before I left! 🙂

Tzuling- Perfect, skilled massage   10/14/2011
Kelle F. says: This was without a doubt one of the most perfect massages I have had. I get massages 1-2 x per month, and Tzuling was one of the best- she informed me of the different massages offered, asked about the pressure, addressed my concern areas and spent extra time focusing on those areas. I will definitely return to Massage RX/ Tzuling in the future!

Amazing!   10/11/2011
Carrie D. says: I’ve had many massages over the years, but this one tops them all! Tzu was amazing! I’ve never had a massage that completely relaxed me and worked all of my sore spots all at the same time. Plus, her techniques were so different and so wonderful. It all worked. I will be telling all of my family and friends about her.

I’ll Be Back…   10/10/2011
Jim D. says: Tzu did a great job and was very warm and welcoming. She utilized multiple techniques which was very nice. I can’t wait to try the Ashiatsu massage she recommended for next time!

An experience not to be missed…10/7/2011
Rebecca B. says: I’ve had over 35 massages this year by more than 15 different therapists, Tzuling was by far the best! It is an experience not to be missed, I highly recommend her!

Tzu is the best!   10/6/2011
Melissa V. says: Thank you Tzu for another fantastic massage. It was very relaxing and and the right pressure. I love the bamboo. I highly recommend Tzu for her professionalism and knowledge of various massage techniques.

Wonderful Experience!!   10/5/2011
Kecia J. says: This was my first visit and certainly not my last thanks to having the Groupon and having the best therapist I’ve ever had in years, Ms Tzu!! I was made to feel at home, relaxed and Tzu listened to my needs and followed thru with the best and most unique massage I’ve had! I didn’t want to leave when it was over…and I seriously wish I didn’t live so far to drive after being so relaxed…I need a personal driver! 🙂 Thanks so much Tzu…I will see you again.

Melissa M. says: Tzu was wonderful!!! Very in tune with what my body was “saying” and adjusted accordingly. I gave her free reign as to which techniques she used and by the time she was finished i felt 100% better. I have already scheduled my next appointment!!!! Thanks for giving me a great nights sleep 🙂

Better Back – and relaxing   8/15/2011
Ken P. says: Tzu gave me the Ashiatsu and Thai Foot treatments – and my lower back and shoulders still feel very good after almost a week. the Thai Foot Massage was the most relaxing massage I have ever had.

A wonderful experience!   8/13/2011
Gwen L. says: I was very pleased with the different techniques. I really enjoyed my massage and would love to go there again. Tzu is a very nice wonderful lady. I really wish her the best in life. She made me feel very comfortable in my skin and with the massage all together. Her awareness for my wants and needs were amazing. I am happy that I talked my self into getting a massage here. The reviews I read helped me decide. I have any many bad massages in life but Tzu was not one of them. I was very please that instead of paying lots of money to have lotion applied I paid good money for something that everyone needs human touch and a job done right. Relaxation.


Pat C. says: Tzu is great. She took the time to learn where I I was hurting and spent extra time working it out. The online scheduling is convenient and easy to use. I was so pleased with Tzu that I purchased and scheduled two additional appointments. I highly recommend her if you are considering a massage.

Amazing!   7/29/2011
Thao P. says: This was the first Thai massage I have ever had and I felt amazing afterwards! I almost fell asleep because it was so relaxing! I love the Ashiatsu and the Bamboo stick massages!! Thank you so much Tzu!! I will be back for sure!

BRILLIANT!!!   7/27/2011
Jen K. says: Tzu was awesome!!! I’ve traveled the world, and have had many massages in many places, including Thai massages in Thailand, and I can not say enough good things about my experience! It was truly one of the best massages I’ve ever had!! I loved that the massage was CUSTOMIZED to me, and my needs, and my likes!! I immediately made a second appointment and can not wait to have my next massage with Tzu! I will DEFINITELY make it a point to book a massage with her any time I’m in the Dayton area!! -So relaxing!

Exactly what the body needed!   7/22/2011
Kathy F. says: I was long overdue for serious massage therapy & in alot of pain when I arrived for my 1st appt. Tzu recommended the Ashiastsu massage after going over my fibromyalgia symptoms. It was so effective, but gentle on the pressure points. The warm pillows really helped stretch neck/shoulder muscles – I had more mobility than I had in a long time. The Tai foot massage really relieved alot of stress & tension, not just in my feet! Tzu is more knowledgeable & experienced than any massage therapist I’ve been to. I really liked how she took the time to listen & then made suggestions for treatment & explained what she’s be doing.